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How To Hang A Christmas Wreath Like A Pro!

February 11, 20246 min read

When homeowners aim to make a visually-stunning seasonal statement with oversized front door accents, gigantic Christmas wreaths always fit the bill. However, for do-it-yourselfers lacking specialized equipment and experience, properly mounting these monster wreaths poses a risky challenge.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through the systematic wreath hanging process I utilize working as a professional installation technician. By outlining essential gear, evaluating site conditions, demonstrating secure attachment techniques, and emphasizing safety protocols; homeowners can recreate salon-quality holiday embellishments themselves without disaster.


Select the Grand Wreaths Designed to Dazzle

I always turn to the 60-inch wreath offerings from Sam’s Club. Through years installing them across countless client properties, I continually find these massive wreaths deliver on three key fronts:

To begin, we must acknowledge the obvious - their sheer size makes an unforgettable first impression! A wreath requiring five ladders tied together end-to-end to lift it into place cannot be ignored. Homeowners seeking that “wow factor” instantly achieve their goal hanging one of these.

But giant wreaths also must complement homes aesthetically once visitors recover from initial shock. The life-like Noble Fir construction on Sam’s oversized models, densely packed with convincing branch tips and generous pinecone accents, blends beautifully against brick, stone, and wood surfaces.

Finally, the surprisingly affordable $159 base price point including free shipping makes incorporating stunning 60-inch wreaths into holiday decorating budgets workable even when purchasing multiples to adorn additional home facades. Given bare wreath frames alone at this scale cost over $100, the overall value proves outstanding.

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Outfit Yourself with the Right Professional-Grade Equipment

Rushing into a massive wreath installation project without collecting necessary supplies leads rookie homeowners down a path of certain frustration. Avoid wasted efforts by gathering the following equipment I rely on before starting:

The masonry surface of many modern single-family residential facades presents the most secure anchoring points for giant Christmas wreaths. But driving screws through ultra-hard materials like brick or concrete requires an extra punch - literally! Hammer drills combine spinning action with forceful forward blows, allowing screws to bite rather than skitter sideways across tough exteriors. Lowes offers a reasonably-priced 20V cordless model more than adequate for wreath mounting purposes.

In addition to sturdy hammer drill/drivers, also stock up on exterior-rated masonry screws at least 2-inches long. The minimal cost difference moving up to longer screws buys critical holding strength once inserted into the drilled holes. Shorter screws tend to loosen over time as wreaths shift in the winds.

Finally, for connecting the wreath itself to the attached screws threaded into the home exterior, flexible and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel hanging wire gets wrapped around wreath frames then looped over screw heads to hang securely. The thin diameter wire holds wreaths tightly to surfaces without detracting visually.

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Think Through Logistics Before Mounting Up High

The most injurious miscalculation DIY enthusiasts make when self-installing jumbo Christmas wreaths involves failing to formulate a well-conceived plan before acting. Grasping your specific situational parameters allows customizing the perfect attachment strategy.

Take a close survey of your home’s exterior and analyze where 60-inch diameter wreaths fall logically based on sightlines, existing features, access routes for ladders, and proximity to interior outlets for powering lights. Photograph facade areas under consideration from across the street to visualize scale.

Compiling critical vertical measurements ahead of time enables borrowing appropriately-sized ladders or scaffolding for safe access. Keep weight limits in mind if any decorative architectural elements rest near the tops of ladders. Bringing along an assistant to lend an extra set of hands once up high keeps things far more manageable.

Lighting up outsized wreaths requires concealing cords leading inside to outlets, so formulate wiring channels ahead of time avoiding trim, windows or rain drainage systems. Ensure chosen routes minimize exterior cord visibility but take care to protect live wires from punctures, vacuum cleaners or weed trimmers once buried in place underneath siding or mulch beds.

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Step-By-Step Instructions for Mounting Giant Wreaths Yourself

With robust wreaths, heavy-duty hardware, proper ladders and outlet access prearranged, now we’re ready! Follow these sequential steps for seamlessly showcasing stunning King Kong-sized Christmas wreaths:

To begin, test LED light strings packed into wreaths before ascending ladders to confirm proper functioning. Nobody wants to troubleshoot electrical issues 20 feet overhead on wobbly ladders! Once clear, tightly tie loops of hanging wire equally spaced around the entire top and bottom wreath structure to prevent frame shifting once hung. Leave 18 to 24 inches of free wire ends for adjustment flexibility.

Next, mark drilling locations on the house exterior corresponding to where the top/bottom wreath wires should attach based on desired positioning. Bring the loaded hammer drill and exterior screws up the ladder along with the prepped wreath if you have an assistant. If alone, install screws first then hoist up the decoration.

With screws partially driven into predrilled holes, loosely loop hanging wires from the top/bottom of the wreath over them. This allows perfect placement flexibility as we align the enormous accent. Once aligned visually, cinch down screws firmly to secure everything tightly. The wreath should rest flat against the home without sagging or gaps.

The final stage involves wiring up extending lamp cords from outlets inside to the lights integrated into the giant wreaths now anchored outside. Take care not to stretch cords at sharp angles causing strain. Use staple guns or clips to neatly run lines behind downspouts, under eaves or buried in landscaping beds to prevent hazards and conceal.

When armed with the right gear, thoughtful site-specific planning, systematic installation process and safety diligence; DIY lovers can pull off museum-worthy holiday embellishments showcasing epic oversize wreaths that would have traditional lawn and garden crews running for backup! Just take things slow and steady. Before you know it, you’ll have the showcase entrance on the block!

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1. How big were the wreaths used in this guide?

This guide centered on installing 60-inch monster-sized Christmas wreaths from Sam's Club to make a bold holiday statement.

2. Why are the giant Sam's Club wreaths recommended?

They deliver excellent value at only $159 with free shipping. Their sheer size commands attention while faux fir branches and ample accents lend aesthetic versatility against home exteriors of various styles.

3. What special equipment is needed to hang the huge wreaths properly?

A hammer drill capable of boring into tough underlying house materials provides solid anchor points to support the weight. Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel hanging wires and long exterior-rated masonry screws also prove essential.

4. What preparations maximize wreath mounting safety?

Carefully survey installation site options at ground level first considering measurements, access routes, outlet proximity and light concealment paths. Recruit any necessary help in advance as well.

5. Why should you ground-test wreath lights before hanging?

Verifying wreath lights illuminate before ascending high ladders ensures you don't waste efforts troubleshooting malfunctioning strands while precariously balancing overhead.

6. How do the hanging wires secure the heavy wreaths?

Loops of galvanized wire attached at intervals across the top and bottom of wreath frames distribute weight more evenly then get threaded over screws mounted on the house exterior.

7. What post-installation step finishes off the wreath display?

Neatly concealing, yet protecting, light strand cords routed to interior outlets maintains festive ambiance without risking exterior tripping hazards or equipment snags over time.

8. Why does a written plan help rather than just winging it?

Logging measurements, confirming outlet access points and envisioning overall display impact prevents frustration by preemptively resolving logistical hurdles before acting.

9. What seasonal celebration could motivate attempting this wreath DIY project?

While certainly requiring diligence, stunning custom Christmas enhancements reward those able to safely install magnificent oversized wreaths on their own.

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