Christmas Lights Installation Training:

Online & In-Person Courses

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss?

Do you want to be able to spend more time with your family?

You can make it happen by starting a profitable Christmas lights installation business!

Choose from two comprehensive training options led by Jason Geiman, a seasoned expert with over a decade of experience in the Christmas lighting industry. Jason has helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs and homeowners create magical holiday displays through our detailed, step-by-step online courses or hands-on, in-person training sessions.

Online Training

Flexible Learning at Your Own Pace

What is included in our monthly membership program:

  • Expertise at Your Fingertips: Learn from seasoned professionals with years of hands-on experience.

  • Practical Learning: Master our 25-step installation process and handle any scenario with confidence.

  • Weekly Coaching Calls: Engage in interactive sessions with experts and peers.

  • Exclusive Resources: Access our dedicated website filled with tutorials, tools, and resources.

  • Safety Protocols: Ensure every installation is secure and risk-free.

  • Certification: Stand out with our course completion certificate.

  • Lead Generation Website: Get a ready-to-use website tailored for your business to attract and manage leads effectively.

In-Person Training

Hands-On Experience & Networking Opportunities

What will you learn at our in-person training course:

  • Introduction to the Christmas lights installation industry

  • Safety protocols

  • Equipment maintenance

  • Effective install techniques

  • Marketing and sales

  • Hands-on practice installing Christmas lights on a real home

  • Networking opportunities with other professionals in the industry

Why Choose Our Christmas Lights Installation Training?

  • We're the experts with years of experience in the industry

  • We offer comprehensive training options that cover all essential skills

  • Learn practical how-to's, technical lessons, and troubleshooting tips for on the job success

  • Attract more customers with our marketing strategies to help your business

  • Streamline your operations and boost profitability with our business management techniques

  • Access our supportive community of industry professional for ongoing support and advice

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