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Permanent Christmas Lights

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Permanent Christmas Lights

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Permanent Christmas Lights

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Permanent Christmas Lights

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Discover the Transformative Power of Invisilights: Expertly Installed Permanent Lighting Solutions

Enhance your installation offerings with Invisilights, the premier permanent lighting solution designed for seamless integration into any property’s exterior architecture.

Crafted with high-quality aluminum channels and advanced LED technology, Invisilights delivers durability and superior energy efficiency—key selling points for your clients seeking long-lasting, cost-effective lighting solutions. Our system not only provides brilliant illumination but also boosts the aesthetic appeal and functionality of any home.

Offer your clients peace of mind with our robust 5-year warranty, ensuring reliable performance and minimal maintenance needs. This warranty supports your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, making it easier for you to sell and install with confidence.

Our flexible, programmable system allows you to meet any client’s specific desires—from subtle accents to full-scale holiday displays—making it an adaptable choice for various applications. With Invisilights, you can cater to a wide range of preferences and needs, increasing your market reach and customer retention.

Choose Invisilights for your installations and add a transformative product to your portfolio that will impress clients and ensure your services remain in demand for years to come.

What exactly comes in the 150' InvisiLights permanent outdoor lighting kit?

The InvisiLights kit is comprehensively equipped to ensure you have everything you need for installation. Each kit includes:

  • 27 sticks of 6-foot Aluminum Channel to house and protect the lighting elements.

  • 150 feet of dynamic RGBW LED Lights, which includes 23 sets of 6-count and 14 sets of 1-count lights, allowing for extensive coverage and diverse configuration options.

  • 2 Data Boosters to enhance signal strength across the lighting installation, ensuring consistent control and color output.

  • A 320W Power Supply capable of supporting up to 190 puck lights, providing ample power for even the most extensive setups.

  • 1 GFCI Outlet Adapter to ensure safe outdoor electrical connections.

  • 1 Controller that allows you to manage and customize the lighting effects easily.

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Will I need any additional components besides what's included in the Invisilights permanent lighting kit?

While the Invisilights kit comes with all the essential components for a standard installation, there are a couple of scenarios where you might need additional items:

Jumper Wires: Depending on the layout of your installation and the number of gaps or 'jumps' between the sections of lights, you may require jumper wires. These wires help bridge the gaps without losing the continuity of the light sequence, ensuring a smooth and uniform display across more complex architectures.

Data Boosters: If any section of your lighting setup is more than 15 feet away from the control box, additional data boosters will be necessary. Data boosters help maintain the integrity and brightness of the lights over longer distances, ensuring consistent performance throughout your installation.

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Can I choose the color of the aluminum channel for my InvisiLights kit?

Yes, you can select your preferred color for the aluminum channel to match your home’s exterior or personal taste. Please make sure to specify your color choice in the notes at checkout when you place your order.

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How do the included components of the InvisiLights kit enhance the lighting system?

Each component in the InvisiLights kit plays a crucial role in creating an effective and stunning lighting display:

Aluminum Channels: Provide a durable, weather-resistant housing for the LED lights, which helps in maintaining a clean and nearly invisible look during the day.

RGBW LED Lights: Offer vibrant, full-spectrum color and white light combinations, making it perfect for any occasion from festive holidays to elegant ambient lighting.

Data Boosters: Ensure that the signal remains strong across longer distances, which is crucial for larger installations.

Power Supply: Designed to efficiently handle the energy needs of the system without overload, ensuring safety and durability.

GFCI Outlet Adapter: Adds an extra layer of safety by protecting against electrical shorts and surges, particularly important in outdoor settings.

Controller: Provides the flexibility to customize and control the lighting sequences, colors, and patterns right from your smartphone or controller, adding convenience and advanced functionality to your lighting system.

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Can I use Invisilights year-round?

Absolutely! Invisilights are designed for versatile use throughout all seasons. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, setting a mood for a party, Love your favorite sports team, or simply enhancing your home's ambiance, our lighting systems provide the perfect solution for any event, big or small.

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Can I set timers and events for Invisilights?

Yes, Invisilights feature advanced programmable settings that allow you to schedule lighting for specific events and automate timers. This functionality ensures that your lighting preferences are perfectly aligned with your lifestyle, turning on and off at predetermined times without any manual intervention.

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Is it possible to achieve warm or soft white with Invisilights?

Absolutely, Invisilights are equipped with RGBW technology, which includes a dedicated white LED alongside the standard red, green, and blue LEDs. This addition allows the system to produce authentic warm white, soft white, and various other shades of white with greater accuracy and intensity compared to traditional RGB systems. This capability ensures that you can effortlessly tailor the lighting to fit the desired ambiance and aesthetic of any environment, providing precise control over both vibrant colors and the subtlety of different white tones.

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How do you ship your product?

Our products are shipped directly from our warehouse using reliable shipping carriers to ensure timely and safe delivery. Each product is securely packaged to prevent damage during transit, and we provide tracking information so you can follow your order’s journey to your doorstep.

Where are the controller and power supplies installed?

The controller and power supplies for Invisilights are typically installed in an accessible location such as a garage or utility room. These components connect to your home’s WiFi network, allowing seamless control over the lighting system via our user-friendly mobile app.

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How long do Invisilights last?

Invisilights are engineered to last, with each LED bulb boasting a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. Given a typical usage of 10 hours per night, this translates to approximately 5,000 nights. This means your Invisilights could illuminate your home's exterior for nearly 14 years under these conditions, ensuring that your investment not only adds beauty but also long-term value to your property.

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Are Invisilights dimmable?

Yes, all Invisilights are fully dimmable. This feature allows you to adjust the intensity of the light to suit various occasions, from a soft glow for a romantic evening to bright, vibrant colors for a festive celebration.

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What types of custom channels are available?

Invisilights offers two types of custom channels, available in 40 different colors, ensuring a nearly invisible installation. These channels are designed to blend seamlessly with your home’s architecture, providing discreet yet effective lighting.

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Can I control different zones independently?

Yes, the Invisilights system supports multiple zones which can be controlled independently or synchronized. This functionality allows for intricate lighting designs that can vary across different areas of your home, enhancing the overall impact and utility of your installation.

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What is outdoor permanent lighting?

Permanent lighting refers to architectural-grade lighting systems that are installed permanently on your property to provide year-round illumination.

How does permanent lighting differ from traditional holiday lighting?

Unlike traditional holiday lighting, which is typically temporary and used only during specific seasons, permanent lighting is installed once and can be used throughout the year for various occasions

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